Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ZizZazz Cherry Lime Explosive Energy Mix Review

I got another ZizZazz flavour recently and this time, I will not be using water. That's right, I decided to dissolve the powder in about 12 oz of pomegranate-blueberry juice since I was getting a bit tired of the bland, mostly artificial taste of these mixes (OK, there was one that was OK).


First off, the juice is a real juice and is very tangy from the pomegranate and not very sweet at all. I have tried other energy concoctions with this particular juice, and it always overpowers what I am dissolving in it. This time, though, ZizZazz can be noticed. The first thing that hit me was how sweet the taste has become. It wasn't a real sweetness, it was the artificial sweetener which also gave the mix a diet-like aftertaste. The lime part of ZizZazz cannot be tasted, but the cherry is very pronounced in both the taste and the aftertaste. Overall, drinking the energy mix like this seems to be more enjoyable, but to me, it just seems to ruin a great glass of juice with its diet-like sweetness.


Same as always, this packet contains 200 mg of caffeine and you can feel the effects of the mix in about 10-15 minutes, which seems to be just a little bit quicker than dissolving the powder in plain water. The natural sugars in the juice do have an effect on the delivery speed. The energy comes smoothly without jitters and in another 20 or so minutes, I was feeling great. The boost lasted for about 3 hours and I actually put it to a good use since I went curling. Like all other ZizZazz powders, I did not experience a crash at the end.

Cost - $2.00 per packet from KingofCaffeine.com
Taste - 5.9/10 on its own, 7.9/10 as part of this juice...the juice itself is at least a 9/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 14.4/20 to 16.4/20...liked it better in the juice, on its own it would have tasted worse

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