Friday, April 6, 2012

Caffeinated Sucka Slammin' Strawbanana Review

It was only time before I started trying caffeinated lollipops. I bought a bunch of these from for $1 each. Sure the labels look like they were printed from an improperly blown up image with an inkjet, but it is all about the taste and kick.


There are many flavours, but I decided to start off with the Slammin' Strawbanana. I didn't think much about the size of this thing, but it is big. I mean, it is so big I cannot close my mouth. I usually put pops in my mouth and suck on them while doing something else, but this is just uncomfortably big (yeah, I know how this reads).

The lollipop is not only big in size, but also big on flavour. The strawberry and banana combo is mellow and obvious. You don't have to read the label to know what you are sucking on (again, I know how it reads).

Of course since this had added caffeine, there is a bit of bitterness, but if you keep licking and swallowing your saliva, the bitterness disappears (wow, everything sounds dirty when reviewing lollipops).


There are 60 mg of caffeine per pop which is enough to give you a decent boost in the afternoon. The thing I like is how the kick is delivered. Since it takes some time to ingest the lollipop the caffeine trickles into your system and the energy comes in gradually. I didn't think it would work that well at first, but after about 10 minutes I started to perk up.

I never felt energized for physical activities, but I felt really perked up in the afternoon. Sure the delivery is slow, but it stretches over a long period of time. I got about an hour of feeling perky without any jitters or a crash once the hour was up. I rather liked this!

This doesn't compare to an energy drink or a shot, but if you like lollipops and need a boost in the afternoon, this is perfect, just be aware of the size.

Cost - $1 from
Taste - 8.5/10
Energy - 5/10

Overall - 13.5/20...great taste and a pretty good energy delivery despite the low-ish caffeine content

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