Friday, April 6, 2012

Rockstar Rehab Coconut Water Energy Drink Review

Coconut water has been getting very popular lately. Just yesterday I was walking through Metro and seeing boxes and boxes of unpacked coconut water drinks in all sizes. I also saw a display of coconut water and how it was nature's energy drink...or something along those lines. If you go down any international or drink isle, you will most likely see at least 5 different brands of coconut water in 3 different types of packages. I like real coconut water, but I don't enjoy many of the new drinks that have sugar added to coconut water and other ingredients. I wasn't too thrilled to try this Rockstar, but it being a new Rockstar I had to.

Also, what is the deal with the name Rehab? Rockstar already copied Monster's Protean with Xdurance. Why use the same name now too? Did Rockstar forget their Rehab line is called Recovery?


The taste is pretty much bang on what I expected - coconut water with sugar and extra coconut flavour to boost the taste. The moment it touched my tongue an image of Bounty chocolate bars appeared in my head. Get rid of the chocolate and this is what this drink tastes like - sweetened, shredded coconut. And since the flavour is so powerful and there are no other additives, this is pretty much the only thing you can taste while drinking. The aftertaste, though, is a different story. You get coconut flavour on its own for a while, but give it a few minutes and a subtle coffee note will emerge. It is very mild, but I thought it was noticeable.

I am glad Rockstar used sugar and not sweetener, because I can only image how bad this will taste with a sweetener note in the taste and in the aftertaste. That said, I think there is a bit too much sugar for me. Had this been a little closer to what real coconut water tastes like, I would be going out right now to buy a few more cans for the long weekend.

Overall, I find this to be one of the better coconut water drinks, but I still prefer the taste of the real coconut water. If you like coconut water beverages and want to get some extra energy, this is a no brainer - get this drink, you will like it.


You can always depend on Rockstar to find 160 mg of caffeine in their cans. This bad boy will wake you up within 10 or so minutes and might give you a jittery feeling thanks to the sugar. However, the jitters will go away quickly and the rest of the kick will be fairly gradual.

I got about 3-4 hours of productive energy out of the drink without a crash. Why do I say productive? Well, I was brewing in the morning so therefore I had to be focused, on top of things and just needed a lot of energy to lift things and carry ingredients around. This helped me do everything.

Cost - $2.99 from 7-11
Taste - 8.5/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 16.5/20...decent taste, great kick, a bit confused by the name


  1. Before trying Rockstar Coconut Water, Monster's Protean (which was coincidentally mentioned in this article) was the worst energy drink I had ever tasted. The crown belonging to the king of shitty tasting energy drinks has now been passed to Rockstar Coconut Water. It tastes like someone pissed in a cup of 50/50 coffee and coconut water, then dropped in about 10 spoonfuls of sugar. And I'm now new to the E-Drink game by any means, I've tried damn near every brand and flavor known to man.

  2. This has ARTIFICIAL sweetener and 80 mg caffeine. Read the label!

    1. Each country/province/state has different labeling requirements. The Rockstar sold in Canada states that there are 160 mg of caffeine.

      Not only that, but check these other reviews that list the same amount of caffeine:

      And so on...

      It is 80 mg per serving and there are 2 servings per can.

      Sucrose is not sucralose, but if you are actually referring to stevia, then yes you are right, there is a bit of a sweetener in the drink, however, the main ingredient is sucrose.

  3. I had high expectations for this energy drink, as I love Rockstar drinks and am a huge fan of coconut water. I searched high and low until I finally found a store that carried this. I eagerly bought 2 cans (as they were 2 for $4) and when I got back to my Jeep, cracked the first open and took a nice big sip. I was unfortunately disappointed. Perhaps immediately with the lack of carbonation, but the extremely weak coconut flavor. This to me tasted like a watered down coconut rum. I guess you can say Parrot Bay Coconut Rum's alcohol-free variety would describe this flavor. As far as energy buzz goes, it lacked one entirely. But I have a very high tolerance and drink Redline, Spike Shooter and Cocaine like its water. Honestly, if you are like me and wanted a great coconut flavored drink that tastes great and gives you a wicked buzz, this won't satisfy your craving. Better off just chugging down a Redline then drinking actual coconut water.

  4. Hands down I think this is the best Rockstar flavor they have. My favorite has always been the Punched Citrus, but the ridiculous amount of sugar and calories they have in their regular drinks is killing me. Yes, it's a mixture of regular and artificial sugar, but sucralose, so far, has no bad effects reported and tastes ok to me.
    The coconut is slightly artificial tasting but the more I drink it, the more I like it.
    It does seem to not have as much kick but Maybe that's the reduction is sugar

    1. I'm with you...I love Rockstar Coconut Water. My whole family loves it. I'm having a really hard time finding it anymore though so I'm wondering... am I the only one? For an extra kick...toss it in the blender with some pineapple and rum!!! Yum

    2. I love it too, I wrote to Rockstar to find out when and where I can purchase more and their reply pissed me off......they will not being making this product until they can perfect the it needs anything more than it has...its freakin perfect the way it is...I WANT MY ROCKSTAR.......Help????

  5. I'm sorry but really, I gotta be brutally honest here. I love Rockstar. I love their original and sugar free drinks. I like it over Red Bull and Monster anyday. And I am a huge fan of coconut water. I drink at least a can of coconut water a week and grab a can while I am out every chance I get. I love coconut flavoring as one of my favorite flavors period, I always have. Now lets get down to this drink. Does it taste like coconut water? No. Does it taste like a Rockstar? No. What does it taste like? Watered down coconut rum with a bad aftertaste. I had the highest expectations for this drink too, which is what upsets me the most. I searched high and low for it and finally got it and rushed to open the can and get that first sip. I was immediately disappointed. Whether ice cold or luke warm, its awful. This does not even taste like coconut. Its so watered down that its gross and the sweetness is non-existent. The flavor is strange and hard to describe but "watered-down" is the best way to describe it. Would it have been so hard to just get REAL coconut water, throw in a few teaspoons of sugar, some B vitamins and caffeine? THAT would taste so much better than this disappointing concoction. I am sorry to say that Rockstar dropped the ball on this one. The most disappointing energy drink I have ever had. The kick is lousy and the taste is even worse. Kick: 3/10. Flavor 2/10. Rockstar, please revamp the formula, do what I said. Get REAL coconut water, not 10% coconut juice and 90% water and other crap.

    1. The Coconut water is the only Rockstar i drink . All the others i dont drink , NOS grape and citrus is the only other energy drink !!! I think Rockstar may have stopped making the coconut i cant find it at the 7-11 and bp gas station i go to any more . This sucks if they stopped making it .. !!!! why they were selling them out !

  6. I had this I was not a fan of the taste. In fact I could not even get through it. I had to dump it out .glad I got them 2 for3 !