Saturday, November 17, 2012

MiO Energy Green Thunder Review

MiO products crossed the border to the north not too long ago and I have bought a few of the little bottles since the launch. I keep one at my desk for when I feel water gets a bit boring. As soon as I heard that these also come with caffeine I made sure to go to the States and get myself a few to try.


I squirted a few shots into a bottle, gave it a shake (though the squirts normally mix fairly well on their own) and took a sip. Well Green Thunder tastes a lot like a mix between a regular Monster and a mellow tasting Red Bull. There are sweet cough syrup notes with a dry finish. I didn't enjoy the taste very much as it seemed a little too sweet for my taste and the cough syrup note seems circa 2004. Most energy drinks have long since eliminated this from their drinks, but not this. I think the taste might be improved if squirted into chilled club soda or carbonated juice.


There are 1,080 mg of caffeine in the entire bottle so this can be one hell of an energy shot (probably would seriously hurt you or kill you). A couple of generous squirts into a 500 mL bottle of water gave me a very nice boost which lasted for a few hours. The kick came in gradually and I didn't really feel anything about 20 minutes after I started drinking it. There were no jitters, just a clean boost. On the energy front, this is a pretty decent drink.

Cost - unsure
Taste - 6/10
Energy - up to 10/10

Overall - up to 16/20...outdated taste, but a damn good kick

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  1. My fav flavor, plus love the Prestone "anti-freeze" green color.