Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inked Lemonade Energy Drink Review

They are here - the new Inked energy drinks with a new can design. Kinda ugly! The good thing is that since these are brand new drinks, 7-11 is running a 2 for $4 promotion so you are correct - 2 energy drinks cost $4.


It looks like a lemonade, it smells like a lemonade and it tastes like a lemonade. That's it.

Should I be more specific? OK. The taste is actually very close to what real lemonade tastes like - the lemons taste real and they have a really nice kick at the start. There are no off-flavours due to the energy ingredients to spoil the good ol' lemonade flavour, however, I do think there is a bit too much sugar. Other than the sugar, this energy drink is very tasty and extremely refreshing, however, it does come a bit late to the market - it is almost Fall.


There are 151 mg of caffeine, 1892 mg of taurine and 69 mg of inositol in the can. The kick comes in almost immediately due to the sour flavours (yeah, I am one of those, the sourness does perk me up), and then it is followed up by the sugar jitters. Give the jitters 15 or so minutes and you will be flying high with all that caffeine coursing through your body.

Of course, since there are 151 mg of caffeine, the kick does end within 2.5-3 hours with a minor crash. Still, for $2, it is a very decent kick.

Cost - $4 for 2 cans at 7-11
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 7.8/10

Overall - 16.6/20...refreshing lemonade flavour with a decent kick

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