Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rockstar Recovery Tea Lemonade Energy Drink Review

First time I walked by this can I thought "Cool, Rockstar Recovery got a new label." Well, good thing I gave it a second look and thought about it for a second. Nope, this isn't a new Recovery label, it is a new Recovery drink.

So what makes this a new product? Three little letters - T-E-A. Yeah, they added tea to the original Rockstar Recovery. You can easily see the difference once you pour it into a glass - the energy drink looks like an iced tea than a lemonade.

"Wait a minute" - is what you are thinking - "wasn't there another energy drink with tea?" Well, yes, you are correct, in fact, there are many energy drinks with tea, AMP being one of the first ones. Monster actually released a bunch of tea-based energy drinks not too long yeah, It was about time for Rockstar to join the club.


The drink tastes a lot like a mix between Monster's original Rehab and Rockstar's original Recovery with more sweetener than there should have been. The lemonade is sour and up front giving you a quick burst of sour-based energy, while the earthy tea appears moments after the initial lemon flavour and propels itself to the front row within another few brief moments. The aftertaste is refreshing with more of the earthy tea tones and a bit too much of sweetener.

Overall, refreshing and great tasting, but I think the heavy sweetener taste brings it down a few notches.


HELLO ENERGY!!!!! The latest Rockstar product - Punched Blue Raspberry, had a disappointing flavour, but it brought back the high levels of caffeine that were missing from the market in the past couple of years. Rockstar has done the same thing with this Recovery - 240 mg of caffeine in the can. Take that original Recovery. I now no longer wonder why there was so much sweetener - probably to mask the caffeine.

So yeah, there is a lot of caffeine and the kick can be felt immediately due to the sourness at first and the mild jitters after (OK, not so much of a kick, but it does get you ready for what it is about to come). Give it 30 mins or so and you will be flying. I felt super energized for about 4 hours and did experience a bit of a crash at the end, but hey, 240 mg!!!!

Cost - $3 from a gas station somewhere in Michigan
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 9/10

Overall - 17/20...heavy on the sweetener, but then again, it does pack a serious kick that needs some masking