Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Marley One Drop cans and Marley One Drop Vanilla Review

You guessed it, Marley's One Drop now come in these slim 325 mL cans. I thought this would be a good opportunity to snap a few photos of the cans and review the new One Drop Vanilla...and the Mango one later on.

I will not review the Coffee and the Mocha one because I have already done so here and here...and I assume the contents of the can are the same as what's in the bottles.


OK, this is pretty good. There is a creamy, vanilla heavy note at the start, which is quickly cut through by a roasted coffee flavour, which lingers well into the finish. There is a lot of sweetness at first, but once you swallow, most of it goes away. Mind you that the sweetness does build up a little.

The aftertaste is dry (???) and carries that nasty taste you get from drinking coffee with cream (obviously), but there are some long lingering coffee and vanilla notes. Overall, this is a very easy drink to consume, very mellow and very enjoyable.


Unfortunately there is no indication of how much caffeine is in the can. However, since this is an iced coffee, there is plenty of caffeine (OK, not as much compared to regular energy drinks). The effects are apparent within 15 minutes and they start off with a healthy dose of jitters. Give it another 20 minutes and you will be feeling fine and energized. There isn't a crash, but also the kick doesn't last very long.

Cost - $2.49 from 7-11
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15/20...tastes great, the kick is OK

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  1. i just saw thisaste great, but wasnt expecting much. i got the smaller can so im no tsure if its stronger. either way. its tasty