Saturday, January 17, 2015

EBoost Immunity Super Berry Energy Shot

Here is another shot that is not sold in Ontario. You guessed right, I got this when I went to Michigan during the holidays a couple of months ago. I got this from either a Meijer or a WalMart near Auburn Hills. Can't remember which one.

When I first picked up the shot, the label on the side caught my attention, which says this - "Most shots offer harsh caffeine and chemicals that torture our adrenal glans and leave us empty and crashed. With our shot we combined natural green tea extract, vitamins and minerals for a healthy and sustained boost of energy and immunity," After I noticed the type and chuckled to myself for a brief moment (glans?????) I decided that this shot may not be for me as it may not offer any caffeine, but I am glad I decided to read the rest of the label, which did, indeed, list caffeine as a natural ingredient...and there were 150 mg of it. Not bad, but very misleading when you just read the first part of the label. Sure this is natural caffeine from green tea, but I was lead to believe that this is one of those "no caffeine" vitamin shots.


Blaaarrrrghhh. This shot has a very misleading aroma which lead me to believe that the shot will taste like a combination of various sour berries, but it didn't. It was a plasticky (????), coffee, green tea, berry mess with a super bitter finish. Unfortunately you will not know that this shot tastes like this until it is already going down your throat, because it starts off tasting like nice sour apples and berries when it touches your tongue, but immediately after all the other nasty ingredients appear and ruin the whole experience.

That's unfortunate, because I did enjoy some of the other EBoost products.


As I mentioned earlier in the review, there are 150 mg of caffeine and other vitamins, which is the saving grace of this nasty tasting shot. Yes, if you can get past the nasty taste, this shot actually performs great. I don't know if it was from the initial sour hit or the vitamins, but I felt a jolt within minutes of taking the first sip. Within a few more minutes I felt super energized and just a tad jittery, but probably not from the sugar as there is only 4 grams.

The jitters ended rather quickly and then I was just feeling energized for hours. There was no crash at the end just like the label promised. Yuuup, great boost, but awful taste.

Cost - $2
Taste - 2/10
Energy - 8.8/10

Overall - 10.8/20...awful taste, but fantastic boost

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