Monday, June 15, 2015

Station Cold Brew Coffee

It is official, cold brew is picking up steam everywhere. Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. is a Toronto-based company that brews and sells ready to drink cold brew at a number of retailers in Toronto. I picked up one of the ready to drink bottles from The Cold Pressery for $5.


The coffee is on the lighter side and just a touch hazy. The aroma is intense with heavy chocolate and campfire presence in addition to the expected coffee notes. The taste is smooth and like their promise on their website - less bitter and acidic (OK, the acidic part is also on the label) than traditionally brewed coffee. Like with the aroma, there is a strong chocolate and campfire presence. I also detected notes of roasted nuts. The finish is also smooth and long with more of the chocolate and just a touch of roasted nuts.

This is such a smooth coffee that goes down so well on a hot summer morning. Can't wait to try it warm in the winter.


According to Station, the small bottles contains 153 mg of caffeine which is quite a lot for a 375 mL container. There is no initial jittery, sugary kick since there is no added sugar, but the effects to start rolling in around the 15 minute mark when I started to feel awake and focused. The focus lasted for about 20 or so minutes until the caffeine fully kicked. I didn't lose the focus immediately, it just started to slowly fade away and be replaced with a more of a physical energy. I bet if I had consumed the bottle slowly, I would have kept that focus going for longer. The kick lasted for about 3.5 hours before starting to fade away. No crash, no drama.

Cost - $5
Taste - 10/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 18.5/20...fantastic cold brew, great kick

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