Friday, June 17, 2016

Anchor Coffee Cold Brew

I was visiting Windsor last week and went to Anchor Coffee House, a highly recommended coffee shop on the west end. Aside from the easy to miss sign that blended with the rest of the building, the coffee shop was like an oasis in a sea of boring, identical commercial buildings. I tried a couple of coffees there and decided to get a cold brew for the road and for a review. If I remember correctly, the bottles were $5.


The coffee is very clear and not too dark. In fact it is more dark amber than black. The aroma is heavy on the coffee, but also features other notes like roasted nuts and sweet dried fruits. 

The flavor is mellow at first, but the coffee hits as it travels down the tongue. Subtle notes of sweet dried fruits (yes, some sweetness is present), chocolate and roasted nuts are present, but don't last too long. The finish is surprisingly clean for a coffee, but traces of coffee do linger. Very easy and enjoyable to drink without any of the acids and a lot less of the bitterness hot brewed coffees have.


It doesn't say how much caffeine is in here, but if it is anything like the cold brews I have made, then it is a ton! I was feeling it very energetic within 20-30 minutes of consuming the bottle. While I was drinking it, I felt focused for a bit until the caffeine kicked into overdrive and I was ready to fly off. That made for fast paced walk to work in the morning. The kick lasted for almost 4 hours and ended without drama.

Cost - $5
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 9/10

Overall - 18/20...flavorful and easy to drink, great alternative to regular coffee in the summer

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