Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FRS Citrus Pomegranate Energy Drink Review

This is the third and last of the FRS flavours for sale at the local Hasty Market, which is the only place I have seen these drinks at in Ontario. Like the previous two we reviewed, Wild Berry and Orange, this one is also non carbonated and has only 25 calories.


Unsurprisingly this energy drink has similar mouth-feel and consistency as the other FRS drinks - dry and chalky. The taste starts off very earthy with clear green tea notes. The citrus flavour comes in soon after and is a mellow combination of lemon, a bit of lime and orange.

The pomegranate flavour is the last one to come but lasts well into the aftertaste. It is just a tad more sour than the citrus flavour, but not as sour as the real thing. The pomegranate taste is also what makes the finish sour and dry. The aftertaste is very pleasant and long lasting with a lot of pomegranate and some mild citrus notes. Overall this is not a bad tasting energy drink though the mouth-feel may not be enjoyed by some.


There are only 48 mg of caffeine in the drink, but the real energy boost comes from all of the additional ingredients. I felt awake and peppy within 15 minutes of consuming the drink. The boost was fairly clean and there were no ill side effects. There was even a brief focus period.

The full effect takes another 20-30 minutes but when it comes, it does a fantastic job. I was energized yet gathered for several hours and my productivity at work was at an all time high. Surprisingly the boost lasted for a total of almost 4 hours and I did not experience any negative effects at the end.

This is a fantastic energy drink.

Cost - $2.99
Taste - 8.2/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 16.7/20...great tasting and great performing even with just 48 mg of caffeine

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