Saturday, September 14, 2013

Monster Muscle Energy Shake Vanilla Review


Poured into a glass, Monster Muscle's Vanilla flavour looks very similar to the Coffee one I had a few days ago. It also has the same mouth-feel, but the flavour is, obviously, where things differ.

Unlike the coffee and chocolate flavours where you could taste notes of all chocolate, coffee and vanilla, this flavour only tastes like sweet, chalky, milky vanilla. I also found this flavour to be less sweet than the others and didn't make a water run until far after I finished the can.

As expected, the aftertaste is a bit raunchy due to the milk, but it does have a nice vanilla note that balances it out a little.

Overall this shake tastes just like the powdered stuff you can get from GNC or other stores.


Like the other Monster Muscle drinks, there are 157 mg of caffeine in the can and the effects are a bit slow to be felt mostly due to the lack of sugar (or so much of it). The kick came in gradually and I didn't experience any jitters. The caffeine kick is very decent and even though didn't make me want to run around in circles, it was plenty to stop me from procrastinating.

The end came a few hours later without a crash.

Cost - $1.96
Taste - 8.4/10
Energy - 8.1/10

Overall - 16.5/20...probably my favorite flavour of the Monster Muscle bunch

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