Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firestar Ice Mint Max Review

Last year I reviewed Firestar's Lemon Flavour energy booster and found it to lack the taste, but do well in the energy section. About a week ago I received a bunch of samples of Firestar's new products and I am glad they send those to me, because I had an insane work schedule and those things helped me out a lot.

I would like to start off the reviews with the Ice Mint...Max, of course.


Like the previous Firestar booster, this one is simply poured on your tongue and swallowed. At first, the powder is dry and feels incooperative, but with some saliva it turns into a mush and goes down easily.

The moment I ripped the Ice Mint Max package open, a whiff of mint hit me and drew me closer. The second the contents of the package hit my tongue, my mouth felt refreshed. Yes, this is minty. I was expecting the bitterness to hit at any moment, but it didn't, this Firestar stayed minty. Once I had the necessary saliva, the contents of the package went down my throat which suddenly became cold and very minty. I waited for the bitterness once again, but it did not come...again. What I got instead was a taste similar to Trident Spearmint gum - a short lasting intense mintiness followed by a mild, sweet minty flavour. Even though this is the equivalent of 2 strong coffees, there is no detectable level of bitterness.

Normally these types of stimulants taste like crap and work well, but this actually tasted great and I was quite surprised.


As mentioned, this package is similar to 2 strong coffees...and it is...sort of. I woke up very early after a long day of work and a long commute after only a few hours of sleep. The first thing I did was shower and the second grab the Ice Mint Max. I didn't feel anything at first, but after I got in my car and started driving I started to wake up. By the time I reached my destination, about 30 minutes after I took Firestar, I felt pretty normal despite my lack of sleep. Water seemed to amplify the effects and in another 15-20 minutes I was ready to do work.

I don't know if it is Firestar, or just me, but I felt energized for the first half of the day and I rarely feel so. On my way back from work I did start to get tired, but after a quick pit stop and a cold bottle of water I was feeling great.

Overall I really enjoyed Firestar's Ice Mint Max booster. They have worked hard on fixing the taste issues with this one and I am glad they did because this tastes and works great. Recommended!

Cost - unknown
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 18/ powdered energy booster I have tried yet

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