Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Java Monster Mean Bean Review

It has been a while since I have had an iced coffee, and especially a while since I have had a Monster. I was at 7-11 yesterday when I saw their new promotion - "buy 1 Monster, get 1 free". How could I say no to that? The cost of Monster is a bit higher at 7-11 at $3.49 CAD per can, but you get two cans for the price of one. I got two Java Monsters - Mean Bean, and another I will be reviewing shortly.

Mean Bean has a label much lighter than the other Java Monster which leads me to believe that this is the lighter tasting one like in the case of Rockstar Roasted - the lighter label was Light Vanilla and the darker Mocha. The Mean Bean is not a bad iced coffee. It is on the milky side with a light coffee taste. Drinking it quickly will not reveal its sweetness, but wait for 10 or so seconds afterward, and you will be hit with a wave of sweetness. Wait for a few minutes and the sweetness will be overpowering. There are a few moments when coffee hints will reveal themselves in the aftertaste, but they will be crushed by the sweet taste of the drink. This is an aftertaste-sweet coffee, but overall a great tasting, light on the flavour iced coffee/energy drink.

The can is 444 mL like the Irish Blend and contains 175 mg of caffeine, which is a bit more than other Monsters. This beverage really woke me up in the morning and gave me enough energy to be productive. This is a great coffee substitute especially if you like your coffee with cream/milk and sugar. It will give you about the same amount of an energy boost as a large coffee though at a slightly higher cost.

Cost - $3.49 CAD for a 444 mL from 7-11, usually $2.99 CAD other places. There is a 7-11 promotion at the moment, which will get you 2 cans for the price of one
Taste - 7.9/10...beware of the sweet aftertaste which will sneak up on you and you may have to run to get some water
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15.9/20...not bad, I cannot wait to try the next Java Monster, the one bearing the darker label

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  1. Wow! It's cool ice coffee. The name is monster but the review seems to light coffee. Anyway it must be good.